Bespoke Solutions

Why choose us to install your site for you?

If you are a tech head or web junkie then making your own site is a nice and easy process. However if you are not and just want a site designed or built for you then we can help. Buying a theme or design from the net is easy enough but what do you do with it once its downloaded? For a start you need a compatible backend system (CMS or Content Management System) so that you can easily put in your content and update your website without having to pay a webmaster every time.

Alternatively you could go the whole hog and pay a web design company to make a complete system for you, however you would be blowing a big budget on essentially getting them to ‘re-invent the wheel’. There is a complete system already built that has had thousands of hours more development time and offers more support and compatibility than any of these companies could ever offer. Oh did we mention its also future proof so no re-development fees every few years.

Because we wont charge you the earth for building something that already exists for free

The system we are talking about is called WordPress and it is the starting block for all our websites. WordPress is a complete CMS which allows our customers to update and change their websites as easily as using Microsoft Word. You get a complete secure online ‘admin’ area so that your site can be updated over the internet allowing you to keep it fresh 24/7 no matter where you are in the world.

What you get from us /what you are paying for

Installation of WordPress and your chosen theme / design to your hosting, along with your logo or branding so that your site is ready to use straight away.

We set-up and install Google Analytics for you so that your website has the latest and most powerful traffic analysis system available. You will be able to tell where your websites visitors are in the world, how they found you, how they interact with your site, how long they spent looking , what they search for and as much more information about your visitors than you could ever need, even down to what type of computer they use! You can also use Google Analytics to strengthen your marketing initiatives and increase traffic.

If you need real-time information about your visitors (who is looking right at this moment) and a way to communicate with them then we will happily install Woopra for you at no extra charge.

If you choose to allow visitors to comment on your content then we will also install Askimet spam filter systems. This all the software you will ever need to stop robots and hackers using your comments area for free advertising, adult material and spamming (posting thousands of comments a day). Saving you hundreds of hours moderating your websites comments.

If there is something else that you need for your site then just ask, we are only too happy to help and will make sure it is there for you at little or no extra cost!

So my website will be future-proof?!

We did mention future-proof above and we mean it, WordPress has the powerful ability to adapt to all the latest web technologies and use them. It does this through something called ‘plugins’ which simply bolt on to your site and allow you to take advantage of whatever technology you need to use.

You can browse and install these plugins yourself through your admin area. Or if you need us to install and maintain them for you then we are happy to do so.

How do I get started?

Simply browse I Want This Website for the design you want and click the ‘Install’ button (found at the top or bottom of each page). After we recieve confirmation from Paypal we will contact you immediately and ask for your web hosting details, your branding or logo and any extra requirements you have. We will then install your new website to your web hosting and contact you with all the information you need to get started.

Your hosting package must have at least one MySQL database (most hosting has this by default), if you dont know what this is or how to get one please let us know and we will help you arrange this with your hosting provider.

If you have found a WordPress Theme or design that you want somewhere else on the web then simply let us know by contacting and we will install it for you.

If the design you want is not a free design then please purchase the design first as we will need it to install your website!

Not found any designs you like here or on the web

If you need a bespoke website then we have a team of designers who can create any look or feel you need (please see the examples below) simply contact us at Or if you have a design for a website already made then we can build it for you.